2016 Summer Internship

With the generous funds from the Massachusetts Life Science Center, Lumme hired 2 outstanding UMass Amherst students as interns this summer. Under the supervision of Dr. Parate and Dr. Shanmugam, these interns helped improve the web design, app design, and user interface of the software platform being developed at Lumme.

Anthony Chan
Android Development Intern
Anthony Chan is currently a University of Massachusetts Amherst Commonwealth Honors Junior majoring in Computer Systems Engineering. Having spent an academic year’s worth of time studying and teaching Entrepreneurship and Lean Launchpad Methodology, Anthony provided a fresh perspective to the startup. By employing his Java experience in essential data structures and algorithms, he applied and implemented his knowledge towards the development of Lumme’s android application.

Parth Gandhi
Web Development Intern
Parth Gandhi a Master’s student in the Computer Systems Engineering department at University of Massachusetts Amherst. At Lumme, worked on developing a robust server side framework to benchmark the performance metrics for mobile android application. He also aided in developing the server side API’s to establish efficient data communication between the mobile app and the web server. He was also involved in the development of the data labelling platform to help study organizers and users visualize the data collected during the clinical study.