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Quit Smoking With Lumme

Lack of an effective quit program is a problem faced by 28 million smokers in the US today. Our experts have worked with smokers over the past 15 years, and have come to realize that a personalized program offering just-in-time intervention is key to making the quit attempt successful.

Our Services


Keep track of your progress and receive personalized strategies and tips to handle cravings

Wellness Programs

Spend less on employee insurance premiums by helping them quit smoking


Keep track of your patient’s progress in real time and help them towards a smoke-free life

Pharma Companies

Improve quit rates by combining our technology with nicotine withdrawal medications

How it works?

The technology developed at Lumme continuously analyzes sensor data from a wristband and a mobile phone to detect smoking and high-risk triggers for smoking lapses. This allows us to automatically detect triggers associated with each user’s smoking pattern, predict when the user is most likely to experience cravings, and prevent a relapse by offering tailored, personalized intervention. The ability of the platform to deliver contextually appropriate intrevention and seamlessly integrate Just-in-Time treatment delivery into smokers’ daily lives will help make the transition from a smoker to an ex-smoker, easy and effective. What’s even better is the ability of the platform to intergrate other smoking cessation products. If the user wishes to use nicotine gum, patches, or medications while quitting, our platform is equiped to deliver medication reminders and reminders to change the patch.