The Gap in Existing Technology

There are various products for smoking cessation in the market today. From our research it was clear that the common problem with existing smoking cessation products is their success rate. Some of them seem to work for the first few days, but does not help the user to stay quit. Over the counter products such as nicotine patches and gums act as temporary remedies to withdrawal symptoms when used as recommended, but users usually experience side effects. Prescription drugs has a slightly higher success rate, but has the downsides of serious side effects and high costs.

Nicotine Gum

Prescription Drugs


Nicotine Patch

Existing smoking cessation programs such as therapy and counseling have a higher success rate, but such personalized care is not an option for most of us. Research has shown that a combination of therapy with smoking cessation products has been the most effective in helping people quit smoking.


At Lumme we are addressing this problem by automating personalized care. We achieve this by combining technology and behavioral psychology to create a personalized quit program for each user. Our technology can automatically detect the user’s smoking patterns and deliver therapy to a smartphone when it is needed. There
is more good news, this technology can also be combined with other smoking cessation products of the user’s choice. A doctor or therapists can also keep track of the user’s progress and tailor the program or dosage of the medication, eventually making the quit attempt a success!

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