Great Science Deserves Great Timing

Today, it’s essential that health providers and coaches employ great programming with a deep-rooted foundation in science. But, for maximum relevancy, efficacy and lasting behavior change, it’s the timing of their engagements and interventions that make all the difference. 

Lumme’s clinically-validated and patent-pending technology platform combines smartwatch sensor data, gesture recognition and machine learning to passively capture detailed consumption metrics that inherently make users more self-aware. Lumme immediately empowers users with insights and recommended behavior changes that align with their goals. And, we even make it intuitive for them to add additional data to their automated behavior diaries for the most accurate and comprehensive picture available.

The real magic happens when Lumme’s A.I. turns behavior patterns into predictions. These are optimally-timed opportunities for health providers and coaches to intervene with the best science-based approaches they can offer for the situation. That’s personalized, targeted and measurable interventions when they’re needed most.

These are just some of the engagement metrics from our clinical trial.

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