Behavior prediction and personalization

Lumme’s platform is designed to act like a therapist in your pocket offering you the right help at the right time. Our digital platform uses sensors on a smartphone and a smartwatch to detect, predict, and prevent behavior that affects your health.

Detect: Using a smartwatch, the platform automatically monitors your hand gestures to detect when you eat, smoke, drink, or exercise.

Predict: The platform gives you contextual information associated with each activity and warns you when you are most likely to overeat, smoke, or indulge in other unhealthy behaviors.

Prevent: Clinically validated personalized interventions are delivered to your phone to help you with your craving. Both the timing and content of these interventions are tailored based on your patterns.

How is Lumme making a difference?

Smoking, alcohol, and diet are the top 3 addiction problems in the US and imposes an economic burden of $800B/year. Key barriers to alleviating this has been cost and accessibility issues associated with existing treatment options. Lumme addresses these concerns with its technology aided platform that delivers affordable, effective, and personalized treatment to every individual.

The Team

Akshaya Shanmugam

Chief Executive Officer

Abhinav Parate

Chief Technology Officer

Deepak Ganesan


Sherry McKee

Clinical Lead

Christopher Salthouse

Technical Advisor