Smoking Cessation

Smoking Cessation

Nicotine is 10 times more addictive than cocaine and needs to be treated like an addiction problem for the quit attempt to be successful. Existing smoking cessation product and services address only a part of the problem resulting in a quit rate of 5-15%. There are 37M smokers in the US and 70% have reported that they want to quit smoking completely.


Smokers who want to quit


Premature annual deaths


Direct medical care for smokers

Our Customers

Our platform will be sold to health insurance companies and corporations in order to make the biggest social impact. Every smoker costs his employer $6,000/year in increased health premiums and reduced productivity. Smokers also cost health insurance companies an extra $22,000 because they are more prone to be sick, develop health complications and chronic diseases.

By offering our smoking cessation program, we help these organizations improve productivity and reduce expenditures. Lumme’s platform enables our customers to quantify ROI and measure outcomes of the program. The web interface displays aggregate information on the number of enrollments, financial savings & improvement to productivity. Our web interface also offers different views and analytics for health coaches, physicians, and human resource personnel.

Our End Users

Smokers download our app and use it with a smartwatch during their quit program. Since the platform is completely automated, users are not required to manually enter or log their habits. The app passively monitors their smoking pattern and delivers therapy even before they experience cravings. Our software integrates with all commercially available smartwatches & we also offer devices for smokers without access to a smartwatch.

It also allows them to track metrics like the number of cigarettes smoked, locations where they smoked, and time between cigarettes. After their quit date, while they receive interventions, they can also track money saved and improvements to their health in real time.

Clinical Validation

Lumme’s platform has been tested and validated at the Yale Tobacco Treatment Clinic through 2 national scale clinical trials. The behavioral aspects of the platform were developed by a team of behavioral scientists and psychiatrists at the Yale School of Medicine. From the trials, we were able to validate various aspects of Lumme’s platform.


Accuracy of automated smoking event detection


False positive rates for smoking event detection

6 min

Predicts smoking events in advance