A Quantum Leap in Actionable Data

When it comes to adapting behaviors to meet health goals, Lumme Health is leading a paradigm shift.  Traditional methods of gathering critical data about consumption habits often fail to raise the level of self-awareness necessary to drive lasting behavior change and regularly miss opportunities to intervene in the weakest moments.  Lumme solves this by gathering a quantum leap in actionable data, without any manual input, using an ordinary smartwatch.  Strapped to the dominant hand, Lumme’s smartwatch app (iOS/Google) uses passive gesture recognition technology to automatically and privately detect consumption behaviors such as smoking, eating and drinking with stunning accuracy.

When it comes to weight-loss and fitness goals, users are immediately empowered with effortless visibility into their eating habits and perfectly timed insights into how to improve them.  Starting with basic metrics and patterns on when, where and how much is being consumed, Lumme helps users become more mindful eaters with sensor-triggered prompts and simple inputs related to levels of hunger, satiety and emotions.  Lumme’s clinically validated AI platform also identifies triggers that lead to negative behaviors, and predictively intervenes with relevant suggestions to naturally keep users on track and accelerating towards their goals.

Best of all, Lumme’s system is built for 3rd party health providers and domain experts that want to deliver their health-centric programming, coaching and behavioral health approaches with better timing and resulting efficacy.  Using our APIs and Content Plug-ins, health providers can leverage Lumme’s powerful capabilities to track actual behaviors without manual input, target behavioral triggers for prediction, and utilize just-in-time interventions to drive behavior change at scale.