A Quantum Leap in Actionable Data

When it comes to adapting behaviors to meet health goals, Lumme Labs is leading a paradigm shift.  Traditional methods of gathering critical data about consumption habits often fail to raise the level of self-awareness necessary to drive lasting behavior change and regularly miss opportunities to intervene in the weakest moments.  Lumme solves this by gathering a quantum leap in actionable data, without any manual input, using an ordinary smartwatch.  It’s all made possible using Lumme’s passive monitoring technology which automatically and privately detects consumption behaviors such as smoking, eating and drinking with stunning accuracy.

When it comes to weight-loss and nutrition goals, users are immediately empowered with visibility into their eating habits.  This includes metrics on when, where and how much is being consumed, and real-time insights into the specific changes that will accelerate progress towards their goals.  Lumme also makes food journaling a more intuitive process using targeted prompts for additional information such as, “What did you just eat?” or “How hungry and satisfied are you with that snack?

Best of all, Lumme’s system is built for providers and domain experts to use with their clients and patients.  We bring real-time visibility to these new robust layers of data, and our A.I. helps you to use it more effectively – delivering the valuable behavioral patterns and predictive triggers you need to intervene when they need your expert help the most!